Blockout Blinds

True Blockout with CoverLight

Advanced Light Control

If you have a home cinema room, bedroom or conference facility and want a complete blockout blind, the Coverlight system is the perfect solution, especially if you work night shift. Unlike most blinds there are no gaps at the bottom or the sides of the blind. Choose from heavy light blocking or light and translucent, it’s up to you.

Track Guided
The fabric is locked into small side tracks to ensure there is no gap, so no wind, light or insects can enter the space. There is a sealed surface between the window and the blind ensuring the area will stay at your desired temperature.

Insulation Properties
In summer up to 87% of your rooms heat is gained through the windows. . You can also lose up to 40% of your rooms heating energy through your windows in winter. To dramatically reduce these figures, our Eclipse track guided system is the perfect solution. Enjoy a more  comfortable indoor space all year round and save money

  • Track guided system
  • Small discrete headbox
  • Sealed all round
  • Long life fabrics
  • Motorised for convenience
  • Can work with your WiFi hub
  • Transform your room from bright to dark
    in seconds
  • Excellent heat retention due to “double glazing effect”
  • Discrete and non intrusive frame and headbox.
  • Colour matching using Dulux powder
    coat colours
  • Adjust your blinds with one touch
  • No more chains or cords to get tangled up
  • Discreet and with superior insulation
  • Safer for children and pets

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Frame Colours


CoverLight Brochure

Maimi Fabric Brochure

Frequently Asked Questions

The recommended a maximum dimension for a CoverLight blockout blind to be 4000 mm wide by 3000 mm high.

No, but we are working on it!

Currently CoverLight only comes in a battery motorised version. 

The motors within a CoverLight last around 12-18 months on a single charge.

CoverLight does not currently support hardwired motorisation. The battery-powered motor means you can control your blinds even in a blackout and will last 12-18 months on a single charge. 

Yes! CoverLight blockout blinds allows us to remove the bottom rail so it can be installed on a doorway allowing more opportunities to darken your space!

Yes! CoverLight motors are compatible with an optional Smart Hub that can connect unlimited blinds (of the same brand) and link to both Google Home and Alexa. 

We make made-to-fit blockout blinds built to fit your window specifications exactly. This means the price of your blockout blind will depend on the size, as well as the installation requirements unique to your window.

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