Tarp Sales

  • Custom Tarps include size 7 Stainless Steel Eyelets one 1 meter average (dependent on tarp size)
  • Complete with 8mm by 1.5 meter long ropes for every Eyelet (swagged ends)
  • Material is quality HVG 670 GSM Ripstop with fire rating
  • For any special requirements please contact our sales team

Due to the complexity and cost of making small products, the order minimum will be a flat rate of $200 for any sizes below a minimum of 1000mm in any direction. For sizes below 1000mm in any direction please contact our sales team. 


  • Beige Tarpee M50
  • Black Ripstop
  • Blue Tarpee M50
  • Dark Blue Ripstop
  • Dark Green Ripstop
  • Gold Ripstop
  • Green / Silver Tarpee M50
  • Green Ripstop
  • Green Tarpee M50
  • Grey Ripstop
  • Ice Blue / Green Tarpee M50
  • Ice Blue / Tarpee M50
  • Light Blue Ripstop
  • Light Green Ripstop
  • Light Grey Ripstop
  • Navy Ripstop
  • Orange Ripstop
  • Pink Ripstop
  • Red Ripstop
  • White / Silver Tarpee M50
  • White Ripstop
  • Yellow Tarpee M50


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